• Blocklist2ACL 2.0 Released!!

    **Updated 2.0.1**

    Hey all, due to the success of the Blocklist2ACL.hta script from this previous post, I decided to port the code over from VBscript to Java. In effort to make the program more stable, cross-platform comparable, and future proof. I’ve received a few comments and PMs from users explaining that the Internet Explorer requirement was giving them issues. This is true, the old script relied heavily on Internet Explorer and what version you were running. Well enough of that, as I was able to port the code over to Java (no, not JavaScript), which has it’s own runtime objects and classes that I was able to utilize.

    Here are some screenshots:

    Blocklist2 ACLBlocklist2 ACL log Blocklist2 ACL wildcard

    JRE1.7+, grab it here.

    md5sum = 6b08f7483fa753f13363b6d0342b379e
    SHA1      =  370170c92868ff1b81ac038f85ba22ad929de571
    SHA-256 = 6e9ebd0df885ad597512ea2f8e33be38b7af926710547cc3431bcddd1a8b64b5

  • BIGIP F5 iRule — Server Selection based on Client Source Address and Port

    A interesting request came up today regarding a Web Service we provide to multiple clients, all of whom have peering points connecting their IP network to ours using private address. The request was to have certain clients hit a particular Web box in a Server Pool, while others hitting the other. At the same time only for certain ports. Some of our web applications use a variety of ports because of the proprietary application running. Ports include, all TCP, 80, 443, 5555, 6050.  So I set off to create an iRule to handle this and have it log to show how everything is being mapped, start to finish for each connection.

    A Service little info:

    • Client PAT =
    • PrimaryWebCluster =
    • Web01 =
    • Web02 =
    • Ports = 80, 443, 5555, 6050

    iRule: irule_SrvSelection_byClientSrcAndPort

    And to check, SSH into the Primary F5 in the pair and type bash to give you shell access. (BIGIP v11.5+),



  • Migration Completed to new Hosting

    thejimmahknows.com has been successfully migrated to new hosting. If you were experiencing any issues with browsing they should be clearing up now…