• Setting Up Your Own Personal Music Cloud with Ampache

    So, I am taking a road trip across the country and I wanted a quick and easy way to access all my music from my media server at home. I also wanted the ability to cache my music for the flight or download it onto my Android phone prior to the flight. Utilizing my 4G phone I realized the best way to do this was to set up my own personal music cloud! Now there are many different services that do this:

    • Pandora.com, which is a music radio station that palys music base on likes. I really like this site.
    • Slacker.com, which is similar to Pandora.com
    • Google Music, which allows you to upload up to 5,000 songs(I think) of you music for free!
    • SubSonic, similar to Ampache that I’ll be using in this article.
    • Ampache, I played with this application a few years ago and liked how customizable it is and it uses Apache (which I have already installed.)

    My set up:

    • Mediaserver with my Music running on Ubuntu 12.04 with LAMP
    • Android Phone with Amdroid