• Network Traffic Monitoring — nTop vs darkstat

    Hey All, so I posted an article on setting up your own Linux based firewall using iptables, and thought it would be nice to be able to monitor the connections coming in and out of each interface on the Linux Firewall. So I installed and played with two passive Network Traffic Monitoring applications; nTop and darkstat.
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  • mdadm — Recovering from Drive Failure

    So it happened. I had a drive fail on me. Degrading my RAID 6 media server. Luckily I was notified by mdadm and was able to order a new one from newegg.com and rebuild it.

    I want to walk through the steps I took getting my RAID file system backup and running, starting with the notification I received to my gmail account (which i received on my phone).

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  • NAT, Dynamic NAT, NAT Overloading/Masquerade with IPTables

    If you have had experience with NATs via Cisco Routers or read about them in your CCNA studies, there are 3 Network Address Translation(NAT) types. Technically, two, see here, plus a third special case.

    • Static NAT, one-to-one mapping
    • Dynamic NAT, pool-to-pool mapping
    • Dynamic NAT with PAT Overload, many-to-one mapping

    So as you can see the two types are static NAT and Dynamic NAT, with the special case of Dynamic NAT with PAT overload.

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  • Setting Up Your Own Personal Music Cloud with Ampache

    So, I am taking a road trip across the country and I wanted a quick and easy way to access all my music from my media server at home. I also wanted the ability to cache my music for the flight or download it onto my Android phone prior to the flight. Utilizing my 4G phone I realized the best way to do this was to set up my own personal music cloud! Now there are many different services that do this:

    • Pandora.com, which is a music radio station that palys music base on likes. I really like this site.
    • Slacker.com, which is similar to Pandora.com
    • Google Music, which allows you to upload up to 5,000 songs(I think) of you music for free!
    • SubSonic, similar to Ampache that I’ll be using in this article.
    • Ampache, I played with this application a few years ago and liked how customizable it is and it uses Apache (which I have already installed.)

    My set up:

    • Mediaserver with my Music running on Ubuntu 12.04 with LAMP
    • Android Phone with Amdroid