• EasyList to SquidGuard Expression List Conversion

    Hi all! It’s seems to be difficult to keep up with the EasyList expression lists, and to make matters more confusing, the conversion from one EasyList expression list to SquidGuard can be cumbersome. There are a few article out on Google that people have posted their own SED files to convert from EasyList to squidGuard, that will manipulate the EasyList expression list and convert it to be compatible with SquidGuard. However, most are outout of date and will cause squidGuard to fail to initialize the expression list when issuing a

    >squidGuard -C all

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  • Apache Logs -Stop Logging Certain URIs

    I recently posted an article talking about HAProxy as a load balancer. In the article I spoke about using a HTML health check file to maintain status of each servers Apache instance. The problem is this will flood your Apache server access logs every time this health check occurs, which I believe is every 2 seconds.

    So you end up with a log file like this:
    health check apache logs

    To correct this issue we need to modify the apache2.conf file on each server, and explicitly tell Apache NOT to log this URI to the access logs. So, from the previous article the culprit URI is /healthcheck.html. Open your Apache configuration file.

     sudo vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

    Now add this above the CustomLog section:

            SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/healthcheck.html$" dontlog
            CustomLog /www/logs/mysite_access_logs combined env=!dontlog
            ErrorLog /www/logs/mysite_error_logs

    NOTICE: Make sure you have the ” escape character for any special characters.

    That’s it! No more spamming of all the health checks to our Apache logs!!


  • HTTP Load Balancing with HAProxy 1.4

    I’ve posted a few articles on load balancing with the use of BIGIP F5 hardware appliances. However, there are also a few alternatives available, some even free! HAProxy is a popular load balancing application that has a robust collection of features.

    HAProxy isĀ  “The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer”, taken right from the title of their web page. It has many different uses available, for this article I am going to focus on the HTTP load balancing functionality of it. Our scenario is as follows:

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