• Linux iSCSI Target using open-iscsi

    I recently set up an iSCSI SAN for use with VMWare Server. The set up was basically a Linux Ubuntu Server target with 2 network links to a single VNWare Server as the integrator. I also included iSCSI multi-pathing by enabling it on the initiator (VMWare Server).

    This is how I set up an Linux SAN Target with iSCSI, interfacing with VMWare 5.1. as the iSCSI Initiator.

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  • Free SSL Level1 Certificate for Your Web Site

    I recently went through and obtained a SSL Certificate to use with thejimmahknows.com for free!!!, and wanted to share how I did it, from issuer to web server configuration.

    I found by search google for free SSL third party certificate authorities a vendor that issues free SSL Certificates. Level 1 only, for the differences in levels, see here. So this was good enough for my needs. Let’s get started!!
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  • What does an F5 LTM use as it’s Source IP address to perform healthcheck monitors

    I was discussing some F5 LTM Healthcheck Monitor capabilities with a colleague of mine at work the other day, when he brought up a great question.

    What does an F5 LTM use for a source IP address when connecting to pool members for the healthcheck monitor service? Especially on a Multi-Network setup.

    To answer this question we have to consider the typical LTM cluster set up . Usually set up in pairs of two(2), one acting as an Active unit and the other as Standby unit. Each unit has it’s own Self IP for each “network leg” it is attached to.  The Active and Standby unit also share a “Floating IP address”, which is used for the backend traffic to pool members. But back to the question, let’s use the following example:

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