• Inter-VLAN routing with Linux & PowerConnect 5324

    I recently purchased a 24-port Gigabit Layer 2 Switch that supports VLAN tagging and trunking. Dell PowerConnect 5324, see here, has 24 Ethernet ports and is capable of tagging and untagging Frames at wire speed. It is a discontinued model, however doing some googling I found a updated firmware and IOS image!

    Physical Topology

    The topology is pretty typical of “routing-on-a-stick” for Multiple VLANs. I have a Linux server running Ubuntu 12.04 with a single NIC and the Dell PowerConnect switch.

    Port configuration:
    Network 1 = g1 – g16
    Network 2 = g17 -g23

    802.1q Information:
    Switch Trunk Port = g24
    Router Trunk Port = eth1

    Logical Topology

    I have a single LAN I want logically separated using a single switch. The VLAN IDs are 100 & 200. The VLAN subnets and ports will be as follows;

    VLAN 100 =
    VLAN 200 =

    VLAN Access Ports:
    VLAN 100 = g1 – g16
    VLAN 200 = g17 -g23

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