• Linux dd Operations

    I recently was helping a friend with some computer trouble which resulting in me first creating a full disk Image backup using “dd”. I’ve done this before years ago, but I wanted to add some of the common dd backup/restore methods to my notepad. There are so many articles online on how to use dd to do a Full disk backup and restore it. I will be using similar methods.

    dd Terms

    • if — input device (file,hardware,CD,etc).
    • of — output device (file,hardware,CD,etc).
    • bs — sets “dd” read and write size.
    • noerror — continues after read errors.
    • readom — CD to ISO utility.
    • mount — Linux command to mount file-systems
    • gz — gunzip is a compression utility which helps to reduce the size of images created with dd.
    • md5sum — a checksum utility to ensure integrity when moving large image files.

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