• Cisco IOS Router as a DHCP/DNS Authoritative Server

    I was trying to set up a SOHO router for a small client the other day and was having difficulty getting the DNS server to function the way I wanted on the router. I could get the DNS server to run on the Cisco Router, but it would only work on external domains. Any static record I added would not be resolvable for clients.

    For starters, I will assume you have your own Cisco router running 12.4+ IOS firmware with ipservices.

    DHCP first…

    1. First, let’s set up DHCP on the Router
      R1(config)# interface fastEthernet 0/1
      R1(config)# ip address
      R1(config)# no shutdown
    2. Enable DHCP service on that interface
      R1(config)# ip dhcp-server
    3. Configure DHCP settings
      R1(config)# ip dhcp pool dhcp-pool
      R1(config-dhcp)# network
      R1(config-dhcp)# domain-name yourdomain.local
      R1(config-dhcp)# dns-server
      R1(config-dhcp)# default-router
      R1(config-dhcp)# lease 7

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